We Will be Revived!!

I currently have 2/3 of the staff members with me on this! We will be active once again! If you will help with this resurrection comment below or run our ads, or donate! I have begun running ads again! The only downside of this resurrection, is that kman will not be joining us. He is inactive in roblox and will not help out.

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Hat Review of “Squid Overlord”

The Squid Overlord originally sold for 2,000 Robux with 250 in stock.

Mesh: 7
The mesh of the Squid Overlord is very original and has never been previously used. Those qualities always help a hat’s looks.

Texture: 5
The texture is plain but with all of the glare it makes this hat looks just like a real squid would.

Price: 3
The orignal price was 2000 robux but it was not worth it unless you are a Tentacles collector. If you bought this for an investment you would lose 500-700 Robux.

Overall: 6.2
This hat is cool and Realistic but I would not buy it cause you would not make profit off of it but if you like Tentacle hat’s then I would advise you to buy it.

-=ErrorAlert & Lem786=-

This is a picture of lem786 sporting this hat.

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Hat Review: The Eliminator

This hat went on-sale for 200 Robux

Mesh: 9
The mesh of this hat is great. It appears as a hood and looks great with most hats that a ROBLOXian will own.

Texture: 8
The texture of this hat is a little bit bland, but looks great with the texture.

Price: 10
The price of this hat is very cheap for its usefulness. It is priced at 200 Robux and is in a very affordable price range.

Overall: 9
Overall, this hat is great. I bought this hat when I first saw it. It is obviously worth the money.

A picture of me wearing this hat.


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ROBLOX Time-Played Poll Results!

On our latest poll, we received more votes than ever before on this poll, with an astounding 146 votes!
We asked our users how long they play ROBLOX per week and I have to say, I wasn’t very surprised by what people said. Here are the results!


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Hat Review: Fuchsia Fantastique

ROBLOX has recently made another hat limited, the Fuchsia Fantastique. While it looks absolutely fabulous, how well will it fare overall?

The Fuchsia Fantastique came out 1/20/2010 and just went limited after selling 1016 hats

Mesh: 6
The mesh has been used numerous times for other hair and doesn’t resemble a real style of hair.

Texture: 4
It’s pink (as most of us know, pink is quite the feminine color) and so bright, it actually blinded me a bit.

Price: 6
It was originally 2,500 bux, pretty pricey at the time. Although it’s selling for above 8,000 now and making quite the profit for original owners, most Robloxians won’t be able to afford it.

Overall: 5.3
While it is visually stunning, the fact that the mesh is only decent and the texture isn’t the best choice makes it score quite low.

Real men wear pink


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New ROBLOX Building Tools!

Recently, as some of you may have noticed, ROBLOX released some new building-related gear. This gear isn’t for sale, and will never go for sale because the developers are using them for personal servers! There are 7 of these new building tools, and it looks like a lot of them will be very useful in personal building servers! Most of these gear’s purpose are explained in their names.


 Some of these are duplicates of tools already in use currently, but they include some awesome upgrades! Click HERE to see the recently upgraded gear page!


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The Deletion of the Ambassador Program!

Telamon announced the termination of the ROBLOX Ambassador Program about a month ago and it looks like they already got to deleting it! A couple days ago, ROBLOX removed the Ambassador page from the site and stopped awarding TIX to those who linked ROBLOX on other sites.

The program, which started more than 2 years ago, was designed to get outside viewers to check out ROBLOX for themselves. The program wasn’t a big success in achieving that, however. Most users employed the use of glitches to get free TIX. ROBLOX has decided to scrap this program and concentrate on spread through social media like Facebook and Twitter.

As you can see, in the picture. ROBLOX has left a void where the Ambassador program link used to be. There are many rumors floating around in the community as to what will eventually be put there to replace the program. My opinion is that it will be where the trading system will go!

What do you think ROBLOX will fill the void with? Do you think was a good move on ROBLOX’s part? We’d love to hear your thoughts, comment below!


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“Marble Ride Storm” by Simoon98

Marble Ride Storm by Simoon98 has over 300k place visits

Building – 9
The only way the marble can roll is with C-Framing, and that is exactly what Simoon68 did. He C-Framed excellently. The tornado was built very well. The creator is an awesome builder.

Scripting – 4
The only reason this subject has been scored so low is the fact that there is barely any scripting. The only scripting I saw was the regen script and the ball that makes you roll.

Gameplay – 9
This game is VERY fun to play. Try to roll your ball to the end, and, once you get there, you’ll fly off the map, and earn two hundred points to spend in the shop.

Overall – 7.3
This game was built very well, you can roll on the track in a marble, and is very fun in gameplay! The game is very addicting, so you’ll probably be there for quite a while.

This review shows a couple minutes of gameplay!


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Gear Review: Grimgold Periastron Beta

ROBLOX recently released the Grimgold Periastron Beta. This gear is the second in a series of Periastron swords (Azure Periastron Alpha was the first). It looks fantastic, but how does it stand up in a battle with other swords?

Frontal view of the Grimgold Periastron Beta

Appearance: 9
The sword itself looks quite beautiful and flashy. It reminds me of a multicolored lightsaber in some ways.

Damage: 9
The sword is EXTREMELY overpowered, delivering one-hit KOs instantly. However, in that respect, it can be cheap to use in actual sword fights.

Price: 5
The 2,000 R$ starting price is expensive for most users. It’s not even turning that much of a profit for original owners.

Quantity: 7
Even though it is a beautiful sword, the high quantity kind of ruins it for investors.

Overall: 7.5
It’s a great sword for in-game use, but the price and quantity really dull it down a bit. I expect to see more Periason swords in the future, so keep a look out for them.


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What’s New in ROBLOX TIX Raffle #2 Winners

In the last TIX raffle we will do on this site, we raised the rewards higher than ever and we decided to have 5 winners! The ticket was worth and the prizes were:
1st: 5000 TIX
2nd:  1500 TIX
3rd: 1000 TIX
4th: 500 TIX
5th: 250 TIX 

The complete list for all of the members in order after our randomizer was used is…

1. HurriedSonic123
2. superhighbob
3. Marshallmario
4. irocksalot
5. 42mg
6. Catfan4
7. bluffy1222
8. Agent25M
9. killerHYDRAkiller
10. Mrb2172
11. gypsy9
12. 2sean12
13. Shade515
14. RobyTobyRobot66
15. EpicSkullKid
16. musicboy74
17. zzj22
18. CoD7Pwnage27
19. FLAME2055
20. Freakydude979
21. MarioMario53212
22. iHtc
23. nicechuck98
24. boby1232624
25. superhighbob
26. LordGando
27. hio555
28. NerfBoy1987
29. Pieperson50
30. Buc391
31. Lildp123
32. Texting
33. shortkiller11
34. spencer889
35. patrizl001
36. fox3334
37. coolbob200
38. tittanpenguin
39. djboy
40. Ilithidguard
41. koleethan
42. GazzL
43. lem786
44. Charlie8841
45. alexangulo
46. PancakeMix7
47. dew365
48. KisameHoshigaki1

In the end the winners are:
1. HurriedSonic123
2. Superhighbob
3. Marshallmario
4. irocksalot
5. 42MG 

All of the winners should PM Kman786 a link to a T-Shirt worth the amount of Tickets you won. Thanks to all of the players who entered the raffle! Also, don’t forget we are currently running a banner contest! For more info, click here!

==What’s New In Roblox Crew==

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