Dial 1-800 ROBLOX Wiki


          As you may or may not know, ROBLOX has a help site called the Roblox Wiki. It is a very helpful site where you can learn how to script, build, and even more. It can also help you with problems with downloading or just regular techinal problems. You may also wanna use the wiki to just get a little more knowledge about roblox and it’s community. I have used before to help me learn how to script. It has some tutorials also where you can make a catapult, dance floor, and even more things you can make by yourself for your own ROBLOX personal place. Who knows, with the help from ROBLOX Wiki, you could end up a good build like me or other people.


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7 Responses to Dial 1-800 ROBLOX Wiki

  1. Gaomon94 says:

    Yes the wiki can help you a lot.

  2. reidddddd says:

    thheres one thing i hate about it… whenever i go to lua and click on script nothings there exepct the picture any edvise kman 0.0

  3. squidward772 says:

    one thing i hate is that I lost MY PASSWORD MAN!

  4. ILOVEROBLOX says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi, very good website on this niche. I found it on Google. I will surely save it and come back to read it. If you accept a little bit of critique – it needs some iPhone 4S work on the lookpart 🙂

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