Place Review – Raft Survival: Volcano

Today I’ll be taking a look at Raft Survival: Volcano because I noticed it has been gaining some popularity in the past week. It’s the #1 most visited place in the past week and it has almost 300,000 visits total.

Raft Survival: Volcano has gotten a full 100,000 visits more than the 2nd most popular game in the past week with a whopping 293,000 visits.

 Construction – 5
This game’s building is just average because it’s just a couple ramps and rocks. The rocks that are simply squares and simplistic angled bricks form paths.

Scripting – 3
Since this is a simple build to survive game with a semi-clever twist, the only scripts that actually exist are a script that makes your limbs disappear when you touch the brick and a script that makes your boat “burn” when you touch the brick. Both could’ve been easily found on free models, not that they were actually found there. I just wouldn’t doubt it.

Gameplay – 6
Easily the best part of this game, but still not great, because of its semi-clever twist on your run of the mill “Build to Survive” game. This game is pretty challenging because a simple touch of a brick will burn half of your boat. The fact that you can’t actually control your boat is also pretty annoying as you just run through the same monotonous path every time you start again.

Overall – 4.7
In short, I really don’t think that this game deserves the incredible popularity that it has. It is really just an average game in almost every aspect. The few scripts that it has are incredibly simple and so is the building. Play it if you want a little above average gameplay.


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4 Responses to Place Review – Raft Survival: Volcano

  1. Buc391 says:

    I agree with this reveiw. It’s pretty simple building and scripting. It’s pretty fun, as it is like “:The Fire Sea”, but it can be better! 🙂

  2. Buc391 says:

    “The Fire Sea”*

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